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Dec 2, 2012 9:00pm EST
old man hands and i am a farm girl.i cannot tax the my cell phone half the time i just put yes or no. if you only got it to tax and how much of youthspan neon texting? -- text and how much are you spending for texting? >>guest: i cannot remember ifit is free or 99ยข.you use your fingers or we include a. it is easy to type with a stylus. you can be a lot more precise. >>host: wow are we busy and use express ordering if you can. if you shop here before, it actually allows you to but ahead in line.literally typing your telephone number and it will ask your zip code and is no hard questions like how old are you or how much do you weigh? % not want to answer. [laughter] also the flex pay committee to do all that and you can pay for6 c13 -- we will pay for the shipping and handling even if you are going to send it to someone else. it is free to get it to their door. sent in to minnesota or california or new york. -- send we have had thousands of new shoppers in the last day and you can get more than one of these also. you can also use flex pay more than once. many times the limit per bu
Dec 2, 2012 11:00am EST
marilyn miglin. you are getting top of the line. in shipping and handling and tax. it comes packaged in this print they are smaller than the full size you get almost a half an ounce. maybe there are some you have not tried before. >>guest: this is sixth sense, and then we have our five senses but we have the it almost in spite is your intuition. and then we have pheromone breeze which is a new version of pheromone. it is light, whimsical modern and today. we have got a switch is made with edible fruitsgoddess.and then we have fo-ti- tieng which is what kathy wolf picks. it is one of the ancient oils on inch of papyrus it is a sexual stimulant. % celebrate. when it introduced celebrate, so many of you loved has so many flowers used only for celebration. it is for babies, and then we have pheromone gold which is more precious than gold. >>host: and then we have m. burke, pheromonedestiny, destiny blue secrets pheromone musk magic camera magic nights, and bomb shell. a sexy flirtatious perfume is the bombshell. >>host: ge each. we are very busy with 1400 ordered. if you a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2